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Printed circuit board production (PCB)

Tough when conveying very aggressive and corrosive liquids

Metallizing, etching, stripping, cleaning and more ... In the production of printed circuit boards, our pumps sometimes convey very aggressive and corrosive media. Reliably, safely and always at the right pressure.

Ideal for wet and electrochemical processing

Electronic devices such as computers, TVs, smartphones, tablets, smartwatches and more are not feasible without printed circuit boards (PCBs). So these are manufactured in large quantities in highly specialised production facilities all over the world. - Often in combination with SCHMITT pumps.
This is because special chemicals, some of which have very aggressive and corrosive properties, are used in various process steps during the manufacture of PCBs. SCHMITT pumps work here, for example, in systems for metallising, etching, stripping, cleaning and for other surface processes.
Our pumps operate spray nozzles, circulation, surge and rinsing baths in the various wet chemical and electrochemical production steps. And they are also used in the pumping and treatment of spent wastewater

Some applications of our centrifugal pumps are:

  • Chemical metallisation
  • Electrolytic metallisation
  • Acid and alkaline etching
  • Production of printed circuit boards and chip carriers
  • Waste water treatment
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